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November 2017


Environment Courses On Special in November


In November, we have some great special offers on some of our environment courses:




Earth Science


Environmental Studies


Certificate in Environmental Sustainability


Marine Studies I


Eco Tourism Tour Guide


Water Conservation & Management


Lawn Repair


Do you have a really sad- looking lawn? Between drought, summer and the routine problems of too much wear and tear; many of us have lawns that are short on grass and either full of weeds or bare hard patches of soil. Here’s what to do to get it back to a lush green lawn.

What do you do to renovate a lawn?


The three most important steps in renovating a lawn are:

1. Getting rid of the weeds.


2. Aerating the soil to improve water and air penetration.


3. Establishing lawn grasses in the bare spots.
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Read more with our Ebook

Growing and Knowing Grasses


Study more- Turf repair and renovation



Tips for Training Cats -Overcoming Cat Behaviour Problems



As cats age their aggression level seems to rise. This may be due to pain caused by medical problems such as arthritis, reduced vision or hearing or diseases which effect the nervous system. The first thing to do is to identify the cause of the aggression to best deal with it. A variety of techniques are useful in treating aggression such as counter-conditioning, desensitisation and treating medical problems which are causing the behaviour. It is valuable to consult a veterinary expert or animal behaviourist when your cat begins to show signs of aggression.


Scratching on Furniture

Cats scratch on furniture either to sharpen their claws and to leave their scent on the furniture. Although it is near impossible to stop a cat from scratching there are ways in which to modify the behaviour. Firstly, start early, it is much easier to change a behaviour early on than when the cat is older. The best way to stop a cat from scratching the furniture is to get a scratching post. Cats usually scratch soon after waking so the scratching post should be somewhere easily accessible. Positive reinforcement is also important when the cat uses the post instead of other furniture.


Urine Spraying

This is a natural behaviour in cats used to mark their territory. It is commonly noticed in males which have not been sterilised and in houses with many cats. Some ways in which you can control spraying include: Read more here...


Read the ebook- Cat Care- This ebook is a comprehensive guide to caring for and understanding our feline friends.


Study the course- Cat Psychology and Training


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Does small business suit you..and do you suit it?


Generally the people who are successful in business, are those who kept trying different things until they finally found something that worked. The successful small businessman (or woman) is almost certainly an enthusiastic sort of person, who enjoys hard work and a challenge.


BEWARE: The ability to deliver a product or service is NEVER ENOUGH to be successful!


Before embarking on a small business venture you should examine your position in detail considering things such as the following:


1. Financial Assets
2. Physical Assets
3. Knowledge/Skill of the Industry Sector
4. Support from People Around You (family, friends, colleagues)
5. Communication Skills
6. Personality (Can you handle stress? Are you always positive even when things go wrong? Are you patient and persistent? Are you naturally organised, or disorganised?) Keep reading...


Study Starting a Small Business Course with ACS here.


Raising pigs for meat production?


There are two main types of pigs: the pork type (for production of fresh meat) and the bacon type (for cured meat, bacon and ham).


White-skinned breeds (Large White or Landrace) are susceptible to sun scald and hence not well suited to free range systems.

The Berkshire, from Europe, produces a high quality carcass. Its black coat makes it more resistant to sun scald, hence more suited to extensive systems. Modern Berkshires are very distinctive with black coats and white markings. Sows are docile, good milkers and make good mothers if kept in reasonable breeding conditions.

Tamworths resist sun scalding (due to their golden red colour) and are prolific breeders. Sows are good sucklers and docile with their young. The breed is suited to open air pens or paddock feeding conditions.

The Saddleback are black pigs with a white band over the shoulders. They are hardy, efficient grazers, able to make use of bulky fodders. They produce good sized litters of a uniform type, and general high quality. Read more...

Study Pigs with our Pig Husbandry Course.


Associate Diploma in Environmental Management


DO YOU HAVE AN INTEREST IN science, conservation and ecologically sustainable development?



• Learn the skills needed to improve the quality our environment
• Understand environmental management systems
• Assess (audit) natural environments and the impacts on them
• Manage environmental waste
• Manage water
• Manage the physical environment

This course provides students with the opportunity to develop those "in demand" skills needed for career entry and progression - without having to take time out from work or other commitments in order to study. This course also allows you the flexibility to choose from a wide range of electives so that you can tailor your course to suit your needs.
The course tutors are skilled professionals who are fully qualified in the various subject areas. In addition, they combine their qualifications with many years of actual practical experience.

Learn more today!


Learn To Manage Events

Some people make a career out of managing events; from wedding and party planners to concert promoters and those who run shows and exhibitions.

This short course may be a first step toward working in something like this; or it may just be a way of adding to your skills to enhance a job you already have. For others, this can be a way of learning how to organise that special celebration yourself, rather than needing to go to the expense of employing a professional to help you.

Using a self paced, interactive study guide; you can take as much or little time as you wish to complete this course. 

As you progress through each lesson; you will be provided with a range of ways you can expand your learning. By choosing what tasks you do and don't undertake; you can expand in areas that interest you most, and skip areas of less interest.

You won't miss anything important that you need to know about managing events though; so long as you read the notes that are presented alongside these "learn more" suggestions.

Study the 20 hour short course here.