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16 October 2017


Build your course with ACS Distance Education

ACS Distance Education has a new page aimed at helping students build their own custom course.
Build your own custom course with ACS Distance Education. Students can select the subjects that they want to learn and build the course that suits them.

Students have the unique opportunity to select the subjects and shape their learning experience based on their personal goals, skills gap or professional development needs using the custom course builder.

Imagine wanting to study horticulture, include an agriculture module, a business module to run your own show and maybe a writing module so you can blog about your passion - it is all possible with ACS Distance Education.

Once students submit their course design, it will be assessed by an Academic Staff member at ACS Distance Education to ensure it fits with the guidelines and is the best path to meet the student's goals. The course will then be approved or amended based on professional input.

Our courses still include the research and work experience components that are essential for academic skill building.

Try building your custom course here.


We have some special offers on Psychology Courses in October


We have some fascinating psychology courses on special this month. Take a look at the courses that offered at a discounted special rate for October only:


Certificate in Child & Youth Counselling


Certificate in Psychology


Child and Mental Health


Child Psychology


Conflict Management


Criminal Psychology


Developmental, Learning and Behavioural Conditions in Adolescents and Children


Family Counselling


Foundation Diploma in Child and Adolescent Psychology