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15 September 2017


ACS's own Learning Management System growing and developing

The LMS developed by ACS's in-house developers now has 350 courses in it and continues to evolve to provide better course delivery for our students and also has many new features that allows students to access their course information and services at a simple click of a button.

As the system has been developed by our programmers in-house, this reduces the risk of downtime in learning and also allows us to include newer features that standard LMS may not yet include.

This feature is also available to our affiliates, allowing them to manage their students' learning in a better and much more reliable method that can be tailored to the affiliate.


Neuropsychology Student Feedback to our Affiliate- ADL


Here is some feedback received by our affiliate, Academy of Distance Learning from a student who recently completed the 100 hour Neuropsychology course..


Course- Neuropsychology


* Was the course a valuable learning experience for you? Why?
Of course, this course was a great valuable learning experience for me. Because I’m working with children with intellectual disabilities, I think it will be so important for me have acknowledgement concerning the relationship between human brain and psychology.

* Did the course meet your expectations? Please add comments.
Yes! Each module has specific contents which I need to know and use in my work.

* Did you like the way the course was structured (presented)? Please add comments.
Yes! The course is structured to give you the knowledge of the main topics you need to develop your work, with well-written texts that tell you all about the human brain physiology and its relations with psychological phenomena involved.

* Where there any parts of the module/unit where you had particular difficulties? Which parts?
Sincerely, there were no unit, or part of it, I met difficulties. I would like to add that, although I’m blind, I’d get to read and comprehend each module with no trouble.

* Did you receive good feedback (e.g. comments on your work, answers to questions) from your Tutor?
Here, an emphatic YES! My tutor not only guided me under total assurance throughout the lessons, but also she answered al questions I did, some of them, out of contents of the course. I would like to express a special gratitude to my tutor.


So you love animals and want a career working with animals?


There are probably more career opportunities than you can think of now. Starting your own business or finding work in the pet care industry can be a great way to work with your furry friends and turn your passion into a career.

Some options could be:

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Volunteer at a an animal refuge

Read some more options on our careers guide.