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November 2017


New Course- Agronomy III- Root Crops


We are excited to announce that we have just released a new agronomy course- Agronomy III which focuses on growing broad acre root crops.

Root crops are not only an amazing food source for people, some can be used for animal food supply too. This course covers growing broadacre root crops including potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots, taro, parsnip, sugar beet, turnips and much more.

This course is ready to go and would be a great course for anyone who wants to grow this kind of vegetable for food production.


Learn more here.


40 Years of ACHPER Membership

Our Principal, John Mason who has 40 years membership of ACHPER- The Australian Council for Health Physical Education and Recreation.


Love Dogs? 5 Steps to your dream career of working with dogs...


1. Have the Passion

2. Learn (eg. start with a basic course like Animal Health Care or Pet Care)


3. Network -connect with industry


4. Get experienced (eg. volunteer at an animal shelter)


5. Get to know the options and start a business or get a job


Some job options for you:
Dog Grooming, Hearing Dogs, Boarding Kennel, Dog Walker, Dog Trainer and more...keep reading.


What to Study?
Dog Care


Certificate in Companion Animal Studies


Read our ebook: Caring for dogs


Ecotourism- Get outdoors and do what you love!


What are the features of a good guided walk?

- It starts and finishes on time
- It is safe
- Well-organised and well-publicised
- Clear message/purpose
- Tells you something you didn’t know
- It is interactive
- Audible, visible, understandable leader
- The leader is confident, knowledgeable and friendly
- The leader used relevant props and talks about what you can see
- Takes account of the special needs of the audience.

Take a look at our special offer on the Ecotourism Course.


Environmental Assessment


Local, national and global concern about the environment has been increasing rapidly over recent decades, and as a result, there has been a booming demand for environmental assessments.

Skilled Environmental Assessors are in high demand.


Unfortunately though, many graduates from environmental courses lack the ability to conduct a proper environmental assessment.

Having graduated from a diploma or degree (eg. in Environmental Science, Biology, Horticulture, Veterinary Science or Agriculture) may provide a sound basis for working as an environmental assessor; but it is likely to also lack a key component in your education.


Our Environmental Assessment Course is designed to fill this gap, take a look here.


We also have some special offers in environmental courses here


Get to know your plant varieties

Whether you are a passionate home gardener or a horticulture professional if you want to learn more about the plant varieties that you love, we have courses and ebooks that can help you learn more about different varieties.


Some Plant Variety Courses:

- Roses

- Tropical Plants

- Orchid Culture

- Growing Grevilleas


Certificate in Horticulture


4 Plant Variety Ebooks:

- Growing and Knowing Lavender

- Banksias

- Growing and Knowing Fuchsias

- Growing and Knowing Ferns


The Young Horticulturist of the Year competition 2018 has begun!

With a travel bursary of £2500 up for grabs, why not enter for a chance to go on a trip of a lifetime?

For anyone under 30, the YHoY competition is a fantastic opportunity to explore an interest in horticulture, test their knowledge and get the opportunity to network with horticultural enthusiasts all over the UK and Ireland. We meet thousands of horticulturists every year as they battle their way through three challenging rounds.

This year's winner Lachlan Rae now has the exciting opportunity to plan how he can best utilise his winnings in an extended trip to Australia!

We are thrilled to be launching the 2018 Young Horticulturist of the Year Competition. Our 8 regional organisers are eager to get the ball rolling and encourage any young horticulturists under the age of 30 on July 31st, 2018 to sign up. The first round of heats will be held at various locations around the country or via a Skype call. From here, the top 8 competitors are selected to go through to battle against each other in a Regional Final. Both prizes and prize money are awarded at these two stages, provided generously by our regional and national sponsors.

The 28th Grand Final will be held at the Harrogate Spring Flower Show on Saturday 28th April 2018 so get the date in your diary now!

Entrants under 30 on July 31st 2018 can take part in the competition by signing up online at https://www.horticulture.org.uk/young-horticulturist-of-the-year/
Young Horticulturist of the Year competition - Enter to win £2500 to travel the world


Anti-bullying Week UK 2017

It is anti-bullying week in the UK this week (13th November, 2017). The theme of this year’s week is “All equal, all different.”

As more than up to 50% of children say they have been harassed by bullies on social media, we have to be concerned about bullying, whether it is face to face or online.

Cyberbullying is such an insidious form of bullying. If a child is bullied by social media and online, there is no escape, they may be experiencing bullying 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Parents and teachers should encourage children to talk if they suspect they are being bullied.

The NSPCC have released a help sheet for parents and teachers who suspect their child may be being cyberbullied OR if the child is doing the cyberbullying.

Read more.


Environment Courses On Special in November


In November, we have some great special offers on some of our environment courses:


Earth Science

Environmental Studies


Certificate in Environmental Sustainability


Marine Studies I


Eco Tourism Tour Guide


Water Conservation & Management