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November 2017


Caring for Dogs


As a dog owner it is your responsibility to care for your dog. This ebook gives you all the information you need to choose the right dog for you, and to keep your best friend healthy and happy.


Read our ebook: Caring for dogs


?Get to know your plant varieties


Whether you are a passionate home gardener or a horticulture professional if you want to learn more about the plant varieties that you love, we have ebooks that can help you learn more about different varieties.


4 Plant Variety Ebooks:

- Growing and Knowing Lavender

- Banksias

- Growing and Knowing Fuchsias

- Growing and Knowing Ferns


Anti-bullying Week UK 2017

It is anti-bullying week in the UK this week (13th November, 2017). The theme of this year’s week is “All equal, all different.”

As more than up to 50% of children say they have been harassed by bullies on social media, we have to be concerned about bullying, whether it is face to face or online.

Cyberbullying is such an insidious form of bullying. If a child is bullied by social media and online, there is no escape, they may be experiencing bullying 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Parents and teachers should encourage children to talk if they suspect they are being bullied.

The NSPCC have released a help sheet for parents and teachers who suspect their child may be being cyberbullied OR if the child is doing the cyberbullying.

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