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November 2017


What to plant where ebook


The What to Plant Where ebook by John Mason is a guide to choosing and using the right plant for all sorts of difficult situations, from hot places to cold, wet to dry and shaded to exposed.

John Mason has brought together more than 40 years of experience with gardens from the sub tropics to temperate climates, and across the world from Australia to the UK.

This book is intended for anyone from home gardeners to nurserymen, landscapers and gardeners. It is full of plant lists and easy reference charts as well as lots of high quality colour photos. 


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5 little things that you can do to help the environment

We can all do our own thing to help the environment. As small as these things may seem, if everyone does the little things, it all adds up...

1/ Take reusable shopping bags when you go shopping to save using plastic bags that may go straight to landfill.

2/ Take a keep cup when you buy your daily coffee. Most coffee cups are not recyclable and end up in landfill.

3/ Reuse your glass jars. They are great for keeping lots of things in your pantry or even taking your lunch in.

4/ Plan your meals- this will help eliminate food waste.

5/ Start a compost bin or get some chickens- this is a great way to get something back from your food scraps.

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