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December 2017


New Course- Mechanics Course

Learn about Mechanics with this great introductory course!

This course provides an understanding of machines. As such it forms a foundation for understanding the scope and nature of machines; possibilities for achieving more efficient work outcomes with machines; how to make better choices of what machine to use for what job, and how to manage and maintain machinery you use. 

This course covers 8 lessons:

1. Introduction to Engines and Motors -petrol, gas, electric

2. Engine Characteristics

3. Machines and their parts 
4. Drive Mechanisms -Transmissions, Gears, Belts
5. Managing Deterioration 
6. Optimising Function and Longevity 
7. Brake Systems – Pneumatic Brakes, Hydraulic Brakes
8. The Mechanics Workshop – equipment, tools, safety etc

Learn more about this course here.


What does 2018 have in store for you?

Is 2018 your year to achieve what you have always wanted to? Learn a new skill, follow your passion, gain a new career, a trade.

We can help guide you at your own pace, no pressure.

Download our course handbook.


Masonry- Understand landscape and building materials to help you design and build better gardens!

An understanding of these hard landscape and building materials is not to be underrated. It is very easy to make mistakes that can waste money, time, and create serious safety issues if you don't properly understand the materials you are working with. This course helps you to avoid such problems.

This course covers the following areas:

• Learn to make different types of cement and concrete
• Learn how bricks or stones should be laid to create a solid and durable structure
• Understand the differences between different types of concrete, stone and brick
• Learn how timber, metal or other materials can be attached to masonry


Advanced Permaculture

Take it to the next level with the Advanced Permaculture Design course - the ultimate guide to sustainable living.


If you have some prior experience in permaculture, a PDC, or understand various aspects of permaculture this, in depth, academically advanced course will take you to the next level.

It covers sustainable systems, how to determine planning strategies for a site, seasonal patterns, water management, earthworks, considering different climates, and comprehensive planning including preparing costings.


This will give you a sound background in all aspects of developing, implementing and running, or advising others, on how to run a permaculture system. Learn more here.


Plant Directory


If you are a an avid gardener and want some inspiration on plants you could grow or want to get to know more about some familiar plants, take a look at our plants directory. There's some great pics, information and tips. Take a look.


Managing a Wedding Budget 

Many clients will want to get married and have a set idea of what they want to spend. Many will quickly realise that weddings can cost a lot more than expected, so it is important that you go through budgets with them beforehand. This is important for them, but for you as well – you don’t want to find that they can’t afford to pay you for all your hard work at the end. 

When you meet the clients, and sit down to discuss their contracts, what they want and so on, you will have to say that you need to discuss the delicate issue of finance. Whatever they say, you must be enthusiastic. If they say they only have a very small amount to spend, don’t laugh, you will need to use that as an opportunity to be very creative. If they mention a massive amount of money, don’t think you can go wild. Still think about the sort of wedding they want and plan it accordingly. If they come in under budget, and still get the wedding they want, they will probably be grateful to you.

Whether you are wanting to become a wedding planner, or you want to plan every detail of your own special day, the wedding planning course provides students with a comprehensive guide to planning and managing weddings.

Whether you are wanting to become a wedding planner, or you want to plan every detail of your own special day, the wedding planning course provides students with a comprehensive guide to planning and managing weddings.

Wedding Planning


Events Management


Certificate in Wedding Planning and Events Management


Creative Writing Ebook

It is difficult to offer an absolute definition of creative writing.  A broad definition of creative writing would be something along the lines of “an open and imaginative form of writing in which the author freely expresses their unique thoughts and feelings”. It is the focus on authenticity, imagination, and expression which separates creative writing form other forms.

This ebook will give you an understanding of the components of creative writing, how to start and some great techniques to get you jotting your ideas into a wonderfully crafted story. Take a look at this ebook.


Quick, Snappy Learning- Learn Garden Design Basics in a Weekend!

If you have some spare time during this Christmas break, why not immerse yourself in some quick, snappy learning- apply what you are learning straight away.

Discover the Art and Science of Garden Design
Designing and building a garden is like creating a living sculpture.

The secret to good design is effective planning, coupled with the skills and confidence to put your plans into practice. Although this short course in Designing Gardens is a 20 hour self paced course, its coverage is extensive.

Work through the course at your own pace. Do as many or as few of the activities as you need to - this unique format allows you to apply your learning to your own interests and circumstances.

There are seventeen lessons in this course from a basic introduction to garden design, to following a budget, plant selection, making the garden meet the house, different designs and using different features to complete your design.

As you progress through each lesson you will be provided with a range of ways you can expand your learning. By choosing which tasks you do and don't undertake you can expand in areas that interest you most, and skip areas of less interest.


Learn more here.


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