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July 2018

New Short Course- Plant Taxonomy

Plant Taxonomy (ie. the scientific identification of plants) has been increasingly sidelined and neglected in horticulture, agriculture, botany and science courses.

This is really something that EVERYONE who works with plants should study.

This short course covers topics that  have been neglected in most horticulture and agriculture courses for decades. These are things that used to be in most certificates, diplomas and degrees but are no longer covered.

Knowing what we teach in this course will help you make a lot more sense of plant names.

This short course is a great way to become proficient in understanding the essentials in plant taxonomy and will help you identify and name plants, which is an essential skill for many professions.

July Special Offers- Helping People Relax

A Success Story- Meet Pam from Edgar's Mission


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Reduce Stress, Improve your Career!


Research in 2015 by AAT (Association of Accounting Technicians) found that on average, people have 94 sick days and are late for work 141 times in their working lives.

Taking time off sick can obviously be due to physical illnesses or injury, but stress can have a big impact upon how we feel about ourselves and how we feel physically.

Research by Kiecolt and Glaser found that stress (such as taking exams) can reduce how our immune systems function.

Nutritional Therapy Ebook


Nutrition is a potent component in human health, and can be a valuable contributor toward improving recovery from injury or illness. As such, nutrition can be used therapeutically to support recovery from a range of health issues.