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July 2018

New Short Course- Animal Behaviour & Psychology

Decode animal behaviours: study what's going on in the animal brain.

What's the difference between a domesticated cat and a feral cat? Can animals feel joy and sadness?


How do baboons show anger? 

Learn how to decode animal behaviours with this short course. 

There are general, broad factors at play though in any animal species. Getting to know those factors is the basis for dealing with those animals more appropriately, whether in the wild or captivity.

Advanced Diploma in Environmental Management

Learn about the Environment and Develop your skills with this diploma level course!

This flexible and unique course offers you the best of our environmental courses and the practicability of business, photography and research.

This is an exciting qualification for anyone working in the field, wishing to work with the environment or just for interest.

Study with great flexibility by offering 6 core modules and a diverse range of 30 electives of which students get to select 19. Electives include Marine Studies, Nature Park Management I and II, Earth Science, Digital Photography, Plant Ecology, Soil Management, Vertebrate Zoology, Reafforestation (Land care), Conservation and Environmental Management, Weed Control, Wildlife Management and much more.

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Is Daydreaming a Bad thing?


Were you ever told off at school for daydreaming? Staring out of the window? Do you ever sit as a passenger in a car or train or plane and let your mind wander?

Well, actually research from the Georgia Institute of Technology suggests that daydreaming is not a bad thing. It can actually mean that you are creative and smart. They suggest that people with efficient brains may have too much brain capacity to stop their minds from wandering.

Some of my best ideas come when I am a passenger in a car. I find being a passenger VERY boring and will often sit there and think about ideas for new stories or courses or better ways I can teach my students.

Land degradation restoration and management Short Course


Understand how to better manage land sustainably and how to rehabilitate degraded areas.

Land degradation occurs through both natural and human induced processes, with many problems arising from poor human management.

This course consists of seven lessons covering the scope and nature of land management, land degradation and rehabilitation, managing soils, managing water, managing plants, managing animal populations, maintenance and natural regeneration.