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August 2018

NEW! Making Wine, Beer, Spirits and Fermented Drinks Short Course


Fermented drinks can be made easily once you know the essentials and the science behind making them. The satisfaction of creating your own fermented beverage can be satisfying. Learn correct techniques with this 20 hour short course. Work through the course in your own pace.

Learn to Make a wide variety of Fermented Drinks:
Low alcohol Drinks
Keifir and Kombucha

Managing Study Time

Managing your time effectively is the key to effective study. You may not know exactly how you spend the time you do have or you may think you do not really have enough time to study at all.
Here are some tips on time management:

- Set study and free time goals, with timelines sub goals and deadlines.

- Develop routine study habits. Decide how you are going to plan. Whether you decide on a rigid plan or will determine your plan at the start of each week, decide what you are going to do.

- Draw up a blank timetable for the week. Do not schedule study times; just write in times when you do study on each day; and look at it each day to see how fast you are filling it up. (possibly build in a rewards system too i.e. for every hour of study the reward is a 20 min swim in the pool, doing a crossword, some small special treat)

August Special Offers- Education & Personal Development Courses

Ebooks for helping you learn or help others learn


The Environment of Play


This ebook is full of inspiring colour images of playgrounds around the world, this book is ideal for designers, park managers, schools and parents!


How Children Think


This ebook attempts to provide the skills and knowledge to develop a greater understanding of children, and what is really going on for them.


Learning- Tips for successful study


This book aims to help you understand how people learn, and at the same time, provide practical tips that can help you improve your own ability to learn (or help others improve their ability to learn).

Becoming an ACS Affiliate- There's a need for quality online learning 


If you’re seeking ways to broaden your income stream and utilise your professional vision, there’s absolutely no point in recreating the patterns from the past. Transformation doesn’t take place when you look backwards. To make change within your business, you must explore the future and your specific aims. Do you want to emerge as a successful leader in the post-secondary sector?

Working with learners means building human capital. In your daily work in education, you may not directly think about your nation’s economic wealth or growth, but our government’s leaders do, and their focus is on building employ-ability and training and bridging the skills shortage gaps.


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