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August 2018

Why you should focus on colour in business?

Colour is important in motivating staff and selling. Find out more with these informative articles.
The Importance of Colours in Organisations
Colour is very important and when working with people, we have to ensure that the work environment is conducive to efficient productivity and performance.

Selling with colour

An interesting area of buying behaviour is on how different colours can influence our moods. Colours are often grouped into either cool or warm colours.

• Cool colours - these include blues, purples, violets, and greens.


• Warm colours - these include reds, oranges, and yellows.


When used in advertising, signage and product design, warm colours tend to stand out and cool colours tend to disappear into the design. As well as being denoted as warm or cool, different colours are thought to elicit different emotional responses in the observer. 

Learn Marketing Psychology

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Ebooks for helping you learn more about marketing psychology


Marketing Psychology


The Marketing Psychology ebook will provide you with an understanding of the psychology behind the consumer decision making process. With 52 pages of insight into marketing psychology and consumer behaviour, this ebook help you understand consumers much more effectively.


Marketing psychology is about understanding people’s purchasing behaviour and applying that understanding to the advertising, marketing and ultimately the selling of products or services. 


Modern Marketing


"The aim of marketing is to create demand for a product or service, either by making people aware of its existence, or by making them feel they want or need the product. Whether one does this by sending out tweets and YouTube videos, printing posters, publishing articles on the product, or using a town crier - the desired goal is still the same.


Whilst the tools of modern marketing in no way resemble those used in the past, the core principals are similar.


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