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August 2018

Working in Agriculture

Have you ever dreamed of working within agriculture, perhaps owning a small holding, or even thinking about a complete change in your career?
Perhaps you already work within the agricultural industry but would like to expand on your knowledge, or maybe you have employees who would benefit from some continued professional development.


If so, then it is never too late to follow your dreams or expand your learning.

Do you want a career in agriculture?

Are you considering a career in farming?

Find out more about careers in farming.

Meet Dr Gareth Pearce- Agriculture Tutor

Gareth has over 25 years of experience in teaching and research in agriculture, veterinary medicine, wildlife ecology and conservation in a variety of colleges and universities in the UK, Australia and New Zealand. He qualified as a veterinary surgeon at the Universities of Melbourne and Bristol, having previously graduated in Agricultural Science and gained a PhD in Livestock Behaviour and Production. He also has post-graduate qualifications in Education, Wildlife Conservation Medicine, Aquatic Veterinary Studies and Wildlife Biology & Conservation.

August Special Offers- Education & Personal Development Courses

Ebooks for helping you learn more about agriculture


Farm Management


It is still very feasible to operate a successful and profitable farm in technologically advanced countries; but only if the right choices are made, proper planning is practised and good management is adhered to. Read more in our Farm Management eBook. 


Profitable Farming ebook

A full colour e-book will set you on the path towards profit in a world where markets, technology and climates are changing as never before. It is not enough for today’s farmer to do things as they have always been done! Change needs not be bad news!
Profitable Farming shows that for the farmer who is willing to think laterally and has planned ahead, there are many new opportunities for making money from the land –whether by changing the core business of a farm or simply diversifying for extra income and security.


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