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August 2018

NEW COURSE! Play Therapy

Learn How to Apply Play Therapy for emotional or physical healing for children or adults

When an injury damages muscles, or inhibits the use of muscles for a period; play may be a pathway to re-educate those muscles to again move as they once did.

When a person suffers stress, and anxiety or depression takes over, play can sometimes be a pathway to regain motivation and emotional stability.


There are 9 lessons in this course:
The Foundation for Using Play Therapy
Applications of Play and Play Therapy
Play Therapy for Anxiety and Depressive Disorders
Play Therapy for Behavioural Disorders
Play Therapy for Developmental Disorders
Play Therapy for Social & Family Problems
Play Therapy and Adult Populations
Related Specialised Creative Therapies
Play and Rehabilitation

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Meet Dr Gareth Pearce- Animal Heath Tutor

Gareth has over 25 years of experience in teaching and research in agriculture, veterinary medicine, wildlife ecology and conservation in a variety of colleges and universities in the UK, Australia and New Zealand. He qualified as a veterinary surgeon at the Universities of Melbourne and Bristol, having previously graduated in Agricultural Science and gained a PhD in Livestock Behaviour and Production. He also has post-graduate qualifications in Education, Wildlife Conservation Medicine, Aquatic Veterinary Studies and Wildlife Biology & Conservation.

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Growing and Using Brassicas


This book explores these and other brassica vegetables, and the differences between them in terms of how to grow them and how to use them.


Many brassicas are winter food crops, but some can be grown all year round. Some need cold weather to perform, but others can grow well in warmer conditions.

Growing Tree Fruit


A broad overview of growing fruit trees in temperate climates, bringing together unique and critical information for both amateur and professional fruit growers. Home gardeners, students of horticulture and commercial fruit growers can all find valuable information in this book.


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