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September 2018

Effective Ways to Run a Meeting

Throughout the world, right at this minute, there are probably literally thousands of meeting being held in workplaces. Some will be boring, some will be interesting, some useful, some angry, some downright pointless. If you hold meetings for your staff, they should be effective.

What does that mean?
Meetings should make good use of time. They can drag on and on, but does that mean that they are a good meeting? A short meeting standing making a cup of coffee can sometimes result in more positive ideas than three hours of meetings with nothing sorted out.

Selling to customers who want it now

Do your clients want instant gratification?
Instant gratification is powerful. It is the desire to experience pleasure or fulfilment without delay. It is a psychological term. But how does this help you with your business?

More and more today, people expect an instant response. This isn't always possible. They may email and want an instant answer. A client may post a message on social media and want an instant answer. Phone a business and want someone to answer straight away. They may see a chat service on your website and want access to someone straight away to answer their question.

Being able to give instant gratification to your clients or people who visit your website is a powerful marketing tool. We can help. No matter what products you offer to your clients via your website, we offer a range of products that customers can automatically download and get instant access to – instant gratification at its best. Read more at 

Special Offers for September- Learn about the Environment

e have some special offers on learning more about the environment this month. Take advantage of these special offers to learn more about caring for the environment for a new career or to enhance your passion in the area.


Biophilic Landscaping


Bird Keeping


Environmental Studies


Certificate in Environmental Sustainability


Environmental Waste Management


Interior Plants




Permaculture Systems

Sell the Dream of Education

How to sell a course or book - sell the dream rather than the course or book.


A lot of colleges and even universities compete strongly with each other; often undercutting each other's fees.


We've occasionally seen affiliates trying to do the same thing with our courses or ebooks.

When you draw the buyer's attention to price, however, they are no longer focused on the dream. Selling the product then becomes less likely.
If you really want to succeed in the education industry, you need to understand why people really study. For most, the motivation to study is a dream - perhaps a dream to be knowledgeable and more capable; to be more aware, or to be more successful in both work and other aspects of life. When you focus a student's attention on the end goal of self improvement, price becomes a very insignificant factor in making a choice about where to study.
Most people in business sell 'things'. When you sell 'things', you often need to compete on price. When you sell a dream, people never look at the cost. The trick is to turn your product or service into a dream.
Show a student how the study can help them achieve their dream; and they will be far more likely to embrace the course - to buy it, and to succeed with it. 

Growing and Using Brassicas


Shade is a valuable commodity in most gardens. When it’s hot, shade makes us feel cooler and indeed temperatures really are lower in shaded areas. In addition, shade provides a wonderful sense of relaxation. 

Everyone can benefit from a garden with some shady spots.


Children will be able to play outside longer without getting sunburnt. Glare is reduced, and for many that means fewer headaches or eye strain, and the chance of skin cancers is also lessened. Even family pets benefit if they can find a shady spot to keep them cool on a hot day. In warmer climates the summer sun can be hot and relentless - shade then becomes a particularly desirable garden asset. Even in milder climates though, shaded areas makes outdoor living far more comfortable in the height of summer.

Professional Practice for Consultants


The Professional Practice for Consultants ebook will help you consider all of the details that you will need to think of when you are starting out as a consultant.

Whether you work for yourself or someone else, you need to be able to present what you have to offer in a way which attracts employers.

As a consultant, you need to stand out from others in your field.


Whilst to some degree your demand will be related to your relevant experience, years in the industry, and perhaps notoriety through media recognition, publications, word-of-mouth and so forth - the way that you sell yourself is also important.


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