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September 2018

Virtual Reality Dogs Can Prevent Dog Bites

Researchers at the University of Liverpool have developed a virtual reality dog to help prevent dog bites. In 2013 alone, over 6,740 people were admitted for dog bites in the UK and those are only the people who actually went to hospital.

How do dogs communicate?

Dogs communicate with each other using sound, scent, facial expressions and body positions. Their sense of smell is their most highly refined sensory ability and they use scent as their major means of communication. 

Special Offers for September- Learn about the Environment

e have some special offers on learning more about the environment this month. Take advantage of these special offers to learn more about caring for the environment for a new career or to enhance your passion in the area.


Biophilic Landscaping


Bird Keeping


Environmental Studies


Certificate in Environmental Sustainability


Environmental Waste Management


Interior Plants




Permaculture Systems

Animal Feed and Nutrition Training

Understanding more about animal nutrition and feeding is essential for anyone working with animals.
We offer options to help you to update your knowledge by distance learning.

Our Feeding Animals short course is a self study course requiring around 20 hours of study. Packed with useful information, research and practical tasks, this is a great course. Understand more about animal feeding and nutrition requirements with this 20 hour short course. Learn about the essentials of what is required to feed animals. The Short Course gives a comprehensive guide to the composition of animal feed and looks at different types of feed and how this is used to promote animal health. Lessons are included on both domestic and farming elements.

What do our students think of our courses?

"Yes [I found the course valuable]. I have animals, I am a dog training instructor. I am planning to commence a business providing in-home care to a variety of animals. So I wanted to upgrade my knowledge of animal health. I enjoyed the course and feel I have learned a lot." Beverley Bell 


Professional Practice for Consultants


The Professional Practice for Consultants ebook will help you consider all of the details that you will need to think of when you are starting out as a consultant.

Whether you work for yourself or someone else, you need to be able to present what you have to offer in a way which attracts employers.

As a consultant, you need to stand out from others in your field.


Whilst to some degree your demand will be related to your relevant experience, years in the industry, and perhaps notoriety through media recognition, publications, word-of-mouth and so forth - the way that you sell yourself is also important.


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