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September 2018

Making the Most of Limited Space Outside or Inside 

There never seems to be enough space at home. We need to store things, we need places for the kids to play, for work areas, to pursue our own hobbies, to entertain and more.

Making your house more beautiful by creating lovely green walls and roofs

Green facades involve using more traditional methods of growing plants and adapting these to suit. For instance, they can include climbing plants growing up the face of a wall from ground level or from planter boxes located on balconies, trailing plants hanging over the face of a wall from containers on the roof or a balcony, espaliered trees trained across a wall, or the use of containers such as barrels and urns used to frame doorways. 


Plants may be grown in the ground at the base of walls or in containers. Containers can be secured to walls, located on window ledges, balconies or roofs - wherever it is feasible

50 Shades of Grey? 50 Shades Greyer? 200 Shades of Green.

Staring at grey walls is not that interesting and could actually not be helping your health.  Living near green areas and close to nature is good for us, but this is probably something that you have known for a while.  But did you know that there may be 50 shades of grey, but according to optometrists, there are 200 shades of green.


How do you make your home greener?


If you would like to make your properties more beautiful, why not consider green walls and roofs? This is a growing trend and makes better use of space. We offer a 100 hour course in Green Walls and Roofs.

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