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December 2018

Certificate in Applied Science


Science has totally changed how we work everywhere -from arts to farming and health to retailing
Science has given us computers, machines, medicines and genetics.


Greater knowledge of science will increase career, business and employment opportunities for almost anyone, anywhere


ACS Certificate in Applied Sciences gives you an excellent foundation in science allowing your to select specialisations (eg. plant, animal, environmental, health) and very relevant subjects in Science today. It is an excellent tool for people wishing to work or working in science related jobs without formal qualifications, to improve employability and forward your career up the ladder. It will also help those who wish to study further afterwards.
Learn about the body, the brain and life on earth.

What's with this weather? Understand Climate Science


With the onset of Storm Deirdre bringing floods, snow and strong winds, does it make you think about the weather and how these extreme weather events are created? Have you ever wanted to know the why and how of weather? Our 100 hour course in Climatology will help you know the why and how and even what. Understanding more about weather can be useful for a whole range of professions- in environment, horticulture, farming, science- or you can just use your newly acquired knowledge to stun your friends at dinner parties

Why you should know about environmental chemistry?'


Have a look at our Environmental-Chemistry course which starts at basics and leads you into the fascinating world of chemicals in the environment. Become familiar with names like POPs (sounds friendly but it isn’t – Persistent Organic Pollutants) and PAHs (Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons released when fuels or organic matter are burned). Learn the difference between oxygen and ozone. Understand how, what and where chemicals occur in air, water and soil, including the good, the bad, the ugly. Find out about greenhouse gases and their sources such as burning of vegetation and fossil fuels.


Our Environmental Chemistry course can set you on this pathway to understand what chemicals are out there, their movement and fate in our world and how we can measure these and remediate problems. Many new chemicals have improved our health, increased food production and made our lives easier—think water purification, fertilizers and plastics. However, there are always consequences to using chemicals. We need to understand these so we can better manage them.

Human Biology Dictionary - PDF ebook


The Human Biology Dictionary is a great companion for any new student of human biology. Being confronted with thousands of unfamiliar words can be overwhelming. It can also be difficult to identify which words you need to learn first.

New ebook! Introduction to Gardening


Do you want to get more out of your garden? Are you sick of wasting time and money making decisions for your garden that are not getting you the lush green oasis that you really want?


This ebook, valued at $24.95 will help you get an understanding of essentials you should be doing in your garden to reach your garden goals (or at least keep your plants alive).


The ebook covers the following topics:
Approaches to Gardening
Tools and Equipment
Plants and Planting
Growing Media and Pots
Watering and Feeding
Pests, Diseases and Weeds
Pruning and Mowing
Gardening Techniques

NEW! Career Advice Maps

We are asked a lot of questions about training and careers. "What is the best course for my goals?" "What is it like to work as a ...?" To make it easy, we've combined our years of experience to create easy to follow maps that will lead you through your options in your field of interest.


We have pooled our extensive knowledge in many industries to map out different careers and paths. Once you click on an area in the map, you will then be directed to an information page that details some information about the area, what you will need to learn, how to start out a career in the area and how to progress your career in the are.


Take a look today! More maps coming soon!

Our Top 10 Courses for 2018