Powerful, easy to use email aditor

MantisMail comes with a feature rich, powerful editor that is a breeze to use.

  • An easy to use drag-and-drop interface that enables anyone to create a beautiful email message.
  • It creates emails that adapt automatically to small screens, such as that of a smartphone.
  • Built in image management system that lets you upload images, import images from a variety of sources (such as your dropbox or facebook accounts) or even access free stock photography
  • Built in image editing tool allows you to crop and resize images, apply filters, add text and more
  • Drag and drop elements to design a new layout or save a layout as a template for future use
  • Select preconfigured elements such as social media icons, layout options, buttons, text and more

Sign up now for a free 30 day trial and try MantisMail now! The trial includes full access to all features except for bulk sending (you can send yourself previews of emails). This is a great way to try out our editor and see how easy it is to create beautiful email campaigns.

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