Unlimited groups and lists

You can organise contacts into one or multiple groups to effectively target contacts for specific campaigns.

The advantage of using groups is it allows you to have a contact in multiple groups at any one time. For example, you may have groups for each state of Australia but also have groups for retail and wholesale clients. You would then have a retail customer based in QLD, Australia in both the ‘retail’ group and the ‘QLD’ group.

This would then allow you to send campaigns to either everyone in QLD or all your 'retail' customers and this contact would receive the email or SMS either way.

To add a group, simply click the ‘add a group’ button. This then lets you simply create a group name.

To edit or remove a group, simply click the ‘edit’ button next to an existing group. Please note that removing a group will not remove the contacts in that group. This allows a single contact to be in multiple groups without any duplications.

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