Schedule a campaign

Many business owners tend to put together their email newsletters late at night or on weekends when they can sit down and concentrate without being interrupted by the day to day tasks of their business. Unfortunately this is not always the best time to send your newsletter to your target market.

Research shows that different industries have different peak times and days for getting their subscribers to open and read their email newsletters. For example, ecommerce businesses that target mothers tend to get a better result when they send their newsletters between 7:00pm and 9:00pm on week nights when their kids are in bed and they are online and in 'shopping mode'.

Some email marketers also tend to create a batch of email newsletters in one go with the intent of staggering the sends out over days or weeks.

MantisMail allows you to easily schedule your campaigns so they can go out at the exact time and day you want them to rather than trying to remember to wait and manually send them when you want them to go out. When you have a campaign ready to send, the bottom of the screen has a button to send the campaign immediately or to schedule the campaign for a date and time selected.

Simply click the date box to select a date on the calendar and then the timer box to select a time of day to schedule your campaign. Once done, you can forget about it and know that MantisMail will send the campaign when you want it to. If you need to change or cancel a campaign before it is sent, you can also do this simply by going to the campaigns screen and clicking on the 'view scheduled/sent campaigns' button.

Sign up now for a free 30 day trial and try MantisMail now! The trial includes full access to all features except for bulk sending (you can send yourself previews of emails). This is a great way to try out our editor and see how easy it is to create beautiful email campaigns.

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