How to set up an Autoresponder

Autoresponders are great for engaging your audience with minimum effort. An Autoresponder is essentially an email that is sent to someone as soon as they register with you to receive newsletters (or other email correspondence).

Some businesses use Autoresponders for the following:
  • Send a welcome message introducing the company and outlining what you can offer them, how to use your website or any other information you normally would like new customers to know.
  • Send special promotional code to use on a first time purchase
  • Send special information such as an information sheet or ebook that you offer in return for people joining your mail list
Setting up an Autoresponder in MantisMail is very easy!
Simply go into the 'groups' section then edit the group you want to set an Autoresponder on. Next tick the 'Autoresponder enabled' box and put the actual content of the Autoresponder in the editor screen.
The editor screen is the same one that is used for templates and email campaigns which means you can insert text, graphics, html, links, etc. and format the Autoresponder email the way you want. Once enabled, this will then be sent automatically to anyone who joins this group.

Sign up now for a free 30 day trial and try MantisMail now! The trial includes full access to all features except for bulk sending (you can send yourself previews of emails). This is a great way to try out our editor and see how easy it is to create beautiful email campaigns.

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