Create and send an SMS campaign

The SMS campaign facility allows you to send campaigns out via SMS to your groups.

You will need to purchase SMS credits before sending which can be done via the ‘account settings’ in the top right of your screen when logged in.

When sending an SMS campaign, it will automatically send to all valid Australian mobile numbers in the group(s) you have selected.

Be aware that SMS campaigns may fall under Australian Spam Laws and as such, you should ensure that you are compliant with this legislation when sending SMS campaigns.

For more information on the legislation, please visit

Once you are ready to send your SMS campaign, simply go into 'campaigns' and then 'create a new campaign' under the SMS Campaigns heading. This then lets you put in a name for the campaign and type the actual message for the SMS.
Once you click 'save and continue', you can then specify which groups to send the SMS to and you can either choose to send immediately or schedule when to send it. The campaign will then be sent to any valid Australian mobile numbers in the group you have selected.

If anyone replies with 'STOP' or 'UNSUBSCRIBE', they will automatically be marked to no longer receive future SMS messages. This keeps you in line with anti spam laws but also ensures it does not effect their email subscription.

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